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LJW profile picWelcome and thank you for taking the time to visit and reflect on my  journal of this epic adventure.

The dreams we have are so precious they are the window into our soul. When we are young they might not have clarity however they are strong as they took us to new places of emotion that would not let us sleep at night. YES they were real and exciting the world was ours to take. If only we would reach out and grab it!!!

When the first doubt raised its head and gazed at me I do not know. It was not really worth the attention and the retreat was sure yet it lingered and stretched and pricked and soon had a hold close to my ear.”perhaps you cannot do that”  “oh no you will never be able” Oh you fight back nevertheless the seed has been planted  ” it is far more reasonable and of ease to just do as your told and complete enough”. Though my life has been filled with so many wonderful events and adventures there has always been that  cause or that reason for success to elude.

Today I turn a NEW chapter and dreams are at the forefront and  they are to be realized.

Enjoy the ride for I am having a blast!!!




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One thought on “About Me

  1. Genie L Witt

    In your About Me…may success no longer allude. Good habits are the key to ALL success. Here is to 7 months of re-writing the old blueprint, being a slave to good habits, and enjoying the LIBERTY to think, plan, and express our dreams…pleasureably manifesting them into tangible actions, events, and conditions. I am loving the journey traveling by your side, and discovering together.


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