Week 2 MKMMA – A little deeper


As our study continues to unfold an old friend came by to greet me John Wooden

Growing up in Southern California and living in the valley placed us in John Wooden country. All of the High School basketball lived and breathed his fundamentals and strategies for winning. Even our coach resembled him (at least we all thought so) .

With all of the instruction and practice Wooden’s success triangle was on the wall but never fully explained. So to complete my training I thought this would be an excellent time.

The model for success is up there in the right corner of the picture. I have included it here for your review.

“Success is piece of mind which is a direct result in self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.”

At the beginning of his coaching career Wooden was unsure about the definition of the word ‘success’. What did it mean? As he began writing down his ideas he knew it wasn’t about the final score, about winning or losing. It was about the hard work and effort that was put forth in the journey to get to the final score. If you did your best in preparation and during the contest, in whatever it was you were doing, both on and off the basketball court, then it was a successful journey, regardless of the outcome.

Wooden decided on the cornerstones, Industriousness and Enthusiasm, the two most important building blocks of the pyramid. Completing the foundation of the Pyramid are Friendship, Loyalty and Cooperation.

As his ideas came to actualization he had built the pyramid above with the 14 building blocks of human determination, leading to the apex, the 15th building block – Competitive Greatness. On both sides of the Pyramid, in essence holding it together, are 10 words, including Ambition, Honesty and Integrity, once again all leading to the top, where Faith and Patience watch over Competitive Greatness.

Those two cornerstones of industriousness (determination) and enthusiasm deserve a little more investigation. Today to end this post let me list 5 ways to make sure you are practicing determination.

1. Set Goals

You show determination not only by climbing but also by climbing the right mountain. Consider what will matter twenty or thirty years from now, discern what qualities apply in each situation, and keep these values in mind so that you can set priorities and choose immediate objectives.

2. Get Moving

The best thing about a good plan is its execution. Adopt priorities consistent with your larger purposes and goals, and take the next step in the right direction. When it seems to take all your strength just to roll out of bed, DO IT

3. Deal with Distractions

Distractions come in many shapes and sizes, including physical discomfort, a noisy environment, or mental fatigue. Urgent needs, worthy causes, and well-meaning friends clamor for your attention. Prioritize tasks, learn to say “no” in order to honor your most important responsibilities, and refocus your efforts so that you can fulfill your obligations on time.

4. Face Challenges

You overcome only the challenges you face. Escaping or hiding does not make obstacles disappear. Do not lose hope when you know you are doing the right thing. Sacrifices are choices you make in order to secure something more valuable.

5. Change Tactics

A worthwhile purpose is worthwhile, even if the circumstances require you to try a new method. If one plan fails, remember your original purpose, and find another way to accomplish the goal. If you cannot see a solution, step back, and find someone who can broaden your perspective.







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  1. Genie L Witt

    …Thank you for sharing! And, you have always broadened my perspective. I believe this is one of your gifts, effortlessly able to “think outside the box.” Enjoying the journey!


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