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An Intimate tale of a Waterman done good

by Ron Howard Ozark News

Ozarks in the fallAfter a cold frost the trees in the Ozarks turn to the golden red hues of the sunset cresting upon the waters edge. These colors greeted me as the trees had turned this crimson shade. I traveled the two lane gravel road which brought me to a roundabout. A beautifully landscaped walkway gave way to a grand lodge with large decks and windows which were catching the last rays of the sun on this beautiful fall day. Nestled in to the meadow and ridges were cabins that had walking trails that intertwined and led to the Lodge. My attention was drawn there for the activity was surrounding a small structure to the north of the lodge. Everyone was gathered there for the inauguration of the one of the goals put forth on this lodge at inception. This goal was to have the ability to produce sustainable electrical energy without the need of the electrical grid provided by the local utilities.   All were watching as a valve on a small pipe with a nozzle was turned open. Steadily the small stream of pressurized water struck a small impeller causing it to spin at a remarkable rate. A small light bulb above another machine suddenly sparked to life and a cheer went out!! Hydro power had come to the lodge.

My gazed went from each of the family who were there and then to a man whose eyes flashed with a sense of accomplishment. He caught my eye and immediately I felt the joy he extended to me as he welcomed me to his home.

Let me rewind slightly from this scene to give you some insight. My name is Ron Howard and I work for the Ozark News in the capacity as a journalist. My emphasis is on finding generosity in our community. I realized that these stories can inspire individuals to reach their full potential and benefit others in turn.  I found Luther Witt quite by accident at a fund raising event at the Branson Riverfront with Water Credit. It is an initiative of that puts microfinance toolsclean water to work in the water and sanitation sector. It is the first comprehensive program of its kind that connects the microfinance and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) communities to scale up access to credit and capital for individual- and household-based WASH needs. Luther had been in the Industrial Water Treatment business for over twenty years. He had joined in the fall of 2013 to start to realize one of his dreams;

  • utilizing his knowledge and expertise in water treatment to aid impoverished communities providing safe drinking water
  • the autonomy to work closely with the locals and equipment manufacturers to develop precise solutions for a successful project
  • to give of his resources generously to benefit others

In 2013 He still worked for a large international corporation called Siemens Water Technologies. This dream and desire had been in his mind for many years yet he never acted upon it. It was a “pipe dream” he was told. And he believed it; he should just forget about it and chalk it up to an “active imagination”, one that just didn’t understand its limitations.

However in January 2013 something extraordinary happened; Luther and Geni (his beautiful wife with the enchanting smile) had grown tired of working jobs that they knew would never create the life they wanted and deserved. There was nothing worse than going to bed every night with the feeling that what they were reaching for, felt so far away.

So they decided to do something about it. They started a home based business with a Network Marketing company called Yoli the BetterBody Company. They choose this company for the flagship product Robby, Genie, Luthercalled Alkalete and that the CEO Robby Fender is Luther’s cousin.  Believe it or not, they told me that that decision alone did wonders for them.  Luther said,” It gave us a feeling of control and hope that we never felt working for somebody else!”  However they soon realized that starting a Network Marketing business and operating one is two different things.  They needed particular skills and started looking for training that was tried and true for the industry. As well as would complement the excellent marketing program provided by Yoli.

Their search led them to a semi-retired Network Marketer named Mark Januszewski . His web site the Worlds Laziest Network Marketer is filled with solid, no gimmick training that Mark has included on his website for FREE.  Little did they know that the relationship with Mark would be one that helped them change the course of their business and life!

They soon joined Mark’s team in a more formal setting for an intense program called Go90Grow, it is a network marketing course that teaches you exactly what you need to know to build a team of successful, skilled and likeminded distributors who want to collaborate with you. You’ll quickly learn a system that you can use and teach to your associates for; striking interest in people you’re talking to, qualifying them, booking an appointment with them, confirming their integrity to make sure they actually show up to your meeting, make them commit to a decision, and even close them.  Through the years Mark has developed this course and the team to implement the teaching. And as Luther says, “This training is world class and I recommend it without hesitation to all of my team (this is how they are trained) and the whole organization at Yoli”.

This course really helped Luther and Geni build their group of distributors. “Our business and team grew exponentially as we implemented this approach.” Luther says “we credit our success in network marketing to our team of unbelievable distributors, the amazing Yoli nation whose culture is ingrained with the approach “to get more you need to give more” and the awesome management team at Yoli who have developed the products that effect all people towards great health and a compensation and support package which is unparalleled in Network marketing industry.” And he adds,” however the engine that made this train move was the Go 90 Grow system, I cannot thank Mark J and the fabulous Davene enough for their true servant leadership in giving of themselves so that so many lives can be transformed.”

The crowd at the building started to disperse and Luther strode up and took my hand and looked me in the eye and said,”Welcome Ron, so glad you made it to the “lighting celebration. I know it does not seem like much yet its significance shines brighter than the bulb wills ever illumine.”  We walked over to a willow chair set sitting by an outside fire pit. The night air though starting to cool felt nice and cozy as we sit down and enjoyed the warmth of the hot ember coals. I thanked Luther for the interview and for inviting me out to his and Geni’s lodge. We settled ourselves down in the chairs and began the interview.

ON: Luther I remember when we met at the fundraiser event for Water Org. Can you tell us how you ended up becoming involved with this organization?

LJW: Why of course Ron, one of my favorites as it was one of my first decision made for the new course I designed for my life. Like most people I found myself always waiting until the circumstances were perfect before I would commit myself to anything. I was always waiting for the tools and the know how.

ON: oh, I know what you mean I like to have all of my ducks in a row before I proceed too!

LJW: Yeah that’s it; well I found out that there was another approach to this. It is called the Master Keys system. But I digress we can talk about that in a little while. What I found out is that when you begin to start to think of your desires and goals for your life and have then focused those ideas to some real basic concepts, the best thing to do is to start right now!! One of my basic needs is to have the liberty to pursue those things I desire. I mean your life should be about finding the intersection of the world’s greatest need and your greatest passions, right? …. so we better get to work.  One of those things was to be able to use my skills and expertise technically as well as inter-personally to bring clean drinking water to the improvised areas of the world. I said what’s stopping me from now doing that?  Of course a lot of things came up yet I continued to think about it. Well one day as I was in a Whole Foods Market I glanced at a magazine that had a picture of Matt Damon on it with a bottle of water. I started to skim through the magazine then ended up buying it. The feature article was on the group Water.Org and the concept of Water Credit. After I finished reading the article I did some more research on the organization. After I was satisfied they were legitimate I made a decision and joined the group and made a donation. I started pursuing my desire right then, with the liberty I had!!

ON: From those small beginnings you certainly have been able to expand your involvement. Let see in 2018 just last year you were part of the team that obtained the funds and resources to build the WASH system for the District of Tiruchirappali in India.

LJW: My first project from start to finish. What a true delight and joy to remember the faces of the people who had been spending so much of their life just making sure they had access to clean water to drink and a toilet to use. It really is the true emancipator and first step towards a life out of poverty.

ON: I agree truly remarkable, and am I right in saying that this occurred after you left your career in a corporation working with Industrial water treatment?

LJW: Absolutely, yes back in 2016 I believe it was at the beginning of spring I had the Liberty to leave my profession and engage myself with pursuits and opportunities I wanted to be a part of.

ON: You just walked away. Incredible how where you able to do that?

LJW: Well that is a long journey that brings me such pleasure.

Luther stops talking for a second and is gazing at the night sky filled with the brilliant orbs of a million echoes of light that dance towards us from the cosmos. I too take this moment to reflect on the fragrance of the crisp mountain air and take a drink of a Yoli beverage; I think he said it was called Truth

LJW: It started with the Master Keys Master Mind Alliance course that Geni and I started back in the fall of 2013.

ON: Can you give us a brief summary of the course?

LJW: One of the main components to the course is the Master Key System by Charles Haanel. I have found that it is the most rational system of study for developing your mental powers of concentration and visualization ever written. It teaches you how the world and your mind work.

ON: So you were reading a book?

LJW: Oh yes that and much more. We basically committed to a 26 week course and at least an hour a day. The Mastermind alliance accelerates the curve for learning by taking advantage of the science associated with the use of the mind.

ON: sounds intense how did it work?mulberry mountian lodge

LJW: Well look around you?  This lodge was a part of Geni and mine desire. We would sit and think deeply about this place and the feelings of bliss and gratitude as our family and friends would be renewed and refreshed here.

ON: So you thought about this place and it dropped right into your lap?

Luther broke into laughter and continued to do so for quite some time,

LJW: No it didn’t happen like that. Knowledge has got to be applied. The first step though is to know that you can, the next is to have the courage to venture into your desires, and the third step is the confidence to do it. From that we were able to help our team of distributors get paid $10,000.00 weekly.

ON: What???? You were thinking about paying your distributors???

LJW: Yes absolutely our main focus was and is always in helping our friends and family transform their lives toward abundance through the culture of generosity. It is the idea of to get more you need to give more.

ON: I see you thought that if you helped those around you get what they wanted you would get what you want.

LJW: exactly after we helped our team we were able to have $100,000.00 in additional cash ready and available for our pursuits and then an additional $500,000.00 just 18 months later.

ON: I bet this got you excited

LJW:  I was more than excited

I looked at Luther and his whole body at first just shook with the ecstatic tremors as he remembered how he could finally leave his career and pursue his desires. And then; his countenanced changed to humility as he looked upward and praised God for the wonder.

I was quiet for a moment and so too is Luther as we contemplated the night’s conversation. The Lodge had been getting still and the lights were slowly fading throughout the windows.

Luther stood and fully gazed at me and in that moment I sensed his power. He loved to watch things grow.

He then broke off the gaze though smiling at me and said,” the biggest secret is to invest time on a weekly basis with your God, your faith, your family, and your friends” he continued “this always supplies me with the harmony, peace and energy to pursue the aims in life”

Luther picked up the poker by the fire and stoked the logs until a chorus of flame flickered and danced.

An then he said, “gloryholin closing this interview let me say this”  he put down the poker and then again looked to the sky and took a deep breath, and said,” the ability to create a heritage: by conceiving, building, strengthening my family’s wisdom and wealth through illustrating God’s ways and his supernatural provisions gives me sincere appreciation for how others and God have continued to benefit my life”

He grabbed me by the shoulder and said, “let’s go on inside and see what kind of pie we can find as I remember you said you liked Apple”

I smiled and nodded and made a note to myself that this would not be the last time we talked.


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  1. Sue B

    Luther, I’m so grateful to be on your team, as you provide an excellent example to emulate (I’m channeling Nancy Mills, who loves alliteration!) Loving Luther Leads Learners Living Largely Luxurious Lifestyle
    Anyway… I love your press release!!

  2. Scott Pearce

    I had to take a re-look at your beautiful pictures because I couldn’t remember were they were from and now I am doing research on the Ozarks… Wow they are so beautiful.. and so are you and your dreams.

  3. Nancy Mills

    Wondering, today, having read this Press Release, Luther . . . does it still ring true for you as much or, possibly, even more? So very descriptive and evocative, I can smell fall in the air, feel the crispness of the air, taste the smokiness of campfires & hear the rustling of the vibrant leaves being walked through. Thank you.


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