Week 16 MKMMA – The Grand Experiment



Good manners may in Seven Words be found: Forget Yourself and think of Those Around. – Arthur Guiterman



I had started this week’s entry with the normal review on the Masterkey readings for Week 16 the Nature of Wealth. However I could not put from my mind how extraordinary our week has been for the Alliance.  It has left enough of a mark that I stopped my review and decided to create an entry into this journal.

As time permits me, I will post the Week 16 review yet for now enjoy the reflections of this week

Grand Experiment

RAKOur Class assignment this week took on a feel of a field trip. The whole group of 200+ worldwide; which we call our MasterMind Alliance (MMA).  Were to focus on kindness. We were to notice it around us and to do a Random Act of Kindness and especially attempt anonymity.

Then on a daily basis we were to share our experiences with the group in a specific forum set up just for this grand experiment

To “see and do” kindness you must first put on the glasses of gratefulness and attentiveness. It begins with looking beyond ourselves and appreciating the everyday contributors in our lives. It continues with looking around for what needs to be done and giving what you could to benefit those around you.

It is amazing how much kindness is around us when we look for it. I noticed the warm smiles, the politeness, the gracious extension of making someone laugh or smile; the small thank you that said how much a person was appreciated. Helping a person who dropped something pick it up, cleaning a mess they did not make, sharing a bit of food with someone, praying for those around us. Saying “I love you” to every person though not out loud but in your mind as it then is expressed in your eyes and smile. Even in nature kindness was noted by a tender lick or nudge by another pet that we can see brings peace to the receiver, or the warmth of the sun coming through the glass on a cold day, to the beauty of a charming view that catches our gaze and momentarily makes us relax and enjoy.

In the forum the stories and observations of Kindness were multiplied and enhanced with the events that were happening in our lives as we too all experienced “seeing and doing”.

I laughed and felt elated by the groups own anecdotes and expressions as this journey unfolded.  It started with a warm feeling in the chest, an increased to a willingness to help. As I thought this is happening around the world I realized how much bigger than my own acts this was.

Kindness is free

It gave me a renewed faith in human nature and a sense of the sheer goodness which human beings are often capable of, which sometimes might seem difficult to see amidst the chaos and conflict of the world.

It provided me a sagacity of connection. In fact, the separateness we often experience as human beings goes away as we start to see and do kindness.

At our deepest level, all human beings are part of the same connectedness. Random acts of kindness are the bridges to this connection.

The person who performs the kindness experiences this and perhaps the recipient of the act of kindness too. And we who observe the act, we become part of the network too.

So when you consider performing an act of kindness, think about its potential three way positive effect.

There’s the positive effect on the recipient, and the positive effect on you as you experience the positive emotion of the ‘collaborator’s elation.’

But perhaps the biggest effect of all will be on a passer-by who just happens to witness the act.

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11 thoughts on “Week 16 MKMMA – The Grand Experiment

  1. Fanny

    Luther – you have beautifully captured the feelings that we have all experienced this week with the outpouring of kindness.

  2. Renee Shatanoff

    My blood pressure went down twenty points reading your post:-)))). I feel warm all over. We ARE connected in a constellation of kindness and calm. The more observant we become, the better we feel:-)))

  3. Nancy Mills

    Continually amazing, Luther; as I read & then viewed the video my eyes welled up with emotion for possibilities even today . . . to share kindness, as you have in this post. Thank you.


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