Week 17 HJ MKMMA – Choices

For this week of training we had our first flight so to speak into being self-directed. The philosophy of the MKMMA experience has always been to create the environment where the student can learn to teach themselves and experience their true authentic self. Our wise and creative MKMMA team does have intentions and mechanisms designed to aid us in our journey nevertheless the grand design has always been to as the mother Eagle does with her eaglets make us fly on our own. And soar we shall to their and ours great joy to the world with courage, hope and Love.

Our focus has been to review the material we have at our disposal as we deem (with a slight “pull of the reins” for direction) daily with purpose and on purpose.

A mid class review

I found that from my first reading of the Master Keys I had become familiar with the style and jargon used by Charles Haanel and I could see where the book is heading. The first read kept me constantly distracted with the newness of the material and his minutia, this time I knew what to expect and what I was going to see, so I was able to keep my eyes open to what truly interested me. I could pick up nuggets under the broad strokes and the concepts discussed.

Let’s discuss one of the nuggets unearthed

“At least ninety per cent of our mental life is subconscious, so that those who fail to make use of this mental power live within very narrow limits”  ~ Charles Haanel Chapter 5

The genius of the human being is a God-given thing called CHOICE. We have the ability to change our way of thinking and so our experience. Here is a story taken from Wasps and their ways to help illustrate

“Certain of the minor wasps, when they bring prey to the burrow, first enter to see that all is Wasps and theri waysas they left it, leaving the captured insect near the entrance. If the result of their examination is favorable, out comes the wasp and drags in the insect. A French naturalist removed the cricket one of these wasps had captured and placed close to the entrance to her hole while she went in to reconnoiter. It was placed several inches away, but was shortly found by the wasp and dragged back to the hole. Again her ladyship went in to reconnoiter and again the cricket was taken away: It was found as before and dragged back, while the wasp, true to her habit, went in the hole and left it at the entrance. The same thing was repeated over forty times, until the patience of the experimenter gave out; and one can imagine the nervous condition of the wasp at this unaccountable and persistent interference with a matter that from her point of view was nobody’s business but her own. Had it occurred to Madam to look for troublesome intruders outside the hole instead of inside, she would have saved herself a great deal of time and strength. ~ Wasp and Their Ways by Margret W. Morley

The wasp was totally and completely run by its habit or program. The naturalist said, “This is a dumb experiment, I quit.”  He had a CHOICE. Yet the wasp couldn’t even to its death the program was intrinsically linked to its very core and no choice was available. The sad thing is that most people are more like the wasp than the naturalist. They give up their right of CHOICE and defend their associative memory or BELIEFS to their grave. Refusing to let go of old ideas captured by old behavior they say things like, “That’s just the way I am”, or “I’ve always been this way”, or “I can’t communicate my feelings, it’s just not me.”  Ironically refusing to use their CHOICE even though what they believe isn’t getting them what they want. Ultimately, you must decide if you are a human being or a wasp.

If you are looking for choice or options in life, it all begins with this concept.


Let’s approach this concept from looking at our perspectives or viewpoint.

Vantage_point_08Do you remember the movie called Vantage Point?  I enjoyed the suspense and how the story unfolded with assassination, kidnapping, and terrorism. Vantage Point started with an assassination attempt on the president, relayed in a time span of 23 minutes. Each time the events unfold from the beginning, a new vantage point is shown from a different person’s viewpoint revealing additional details, which ultimately completes the story of what actually took place during the incident.

Sometimes in our need to be right about our viewpoint we don’t allow or even believe that other viewpoints also exist. One viewpoint does not mean another viewpoint must be wrong. They are simply two different viewpoints of the same thing.

Her are two viewpoints that would be worth delving into

Victim and Responsible

First about Victim: The view point where something was done to you. You were exploited or taken ad-vantage of. You were not in control. Perhaps it was a car accident where the other person ran the red light or maybe it was a business deal where you were misled or they simply didn’t do what they said they would. Perhaps it was a relationship you put your all into and they left. Can you relate to those or do you have a specific time that comes to mind? How did you feel? Pain, anger, overwhelmed, frustrated, hopelessness, foolish or even stupid?

That is the effect of a Victim viewpoint what if you took those same experiences but looked at them from the Responsible viewpoint?  Where you are “at cause” for your experience out of the choice or choices you have made. Instead of the victim viewpoint where it was done to you, let’s look at an example from the responsible viewpoint.

For example, let’s say Geni, my wife, and I had an argument. When I tell it from victim, it would sound something like this, “She didn’t listen to me,” or “She called me a name.” It would be about what she said and did to me. That’s the victim viewpoint. When I tell it from responsible, I begin by looking at every choice I ever made which had anything to do with this situation. It may be a choice which allowed the argument to happen. Maybe it was a choice that set it up that or that caused the argument caused it to happen. Looking for such choices, I see choice number one: Who married my wife? Me! This doesn’t mean I am at fault for the argument, but I could not have had a husband/ wife argument if I had not chosen to marry my wife (one of the two best choices I ever made!). Perhaps I chose, (again not consciously), to ignore some previous signals or remarks she made indicating she was tired. Again the choices do not make me at fault; they are the cause for me having this experience. Perhaps I chose to work or travel a lot and she felt ignored by me. I probably could now see 100 choices, I had made that were at cause for my experience. Again, not at fault, simply at cause for my having the experience. When you operate in the mode of discovery, you can learn from any experience. Most people have a less emotional experience from the responsible viewpoint than from that of the victim.

Choose to use the responsible because of what you will create in your life as a result. Hold yourself responsible for how you feel not what someone has said or done. Hold yourself responsible for how much money you make, not the economy, the size town you live in, your job. Hold yourself responsible for how the government is, the condition of the environment, for EVERYTHING!  This can be your mission not because of the truth but because of the excitement and possibilities that can be seen from the responsible viewpoint.  A key distinction is that responsibility does not mean that you are to blame or at fault. They are as different as land is from the sea. If your associative memory or subconscious thinking is that responsibility means fault, you will not look to see how you are responsible for anything simply because no one wants to be at fault. Unfortunately in our society this is where most still operate from. If you doubt that, pick up the city paper, choose any topic and almost all the conversation will be about who is at fault. The realm of fault and blame offers no solutions. That is the true price that is paid for thinking as a victim. Responsibility is the viewpoint that my choices set up an experience, created the experience or allow it to happen. This does not mean you are at fault. No fault, simply a choice. I gain power, possibilities and feel better when I choose the responsible viewpoint. If your experience around any event has anger, shame or guilt, you know you are still looking as a victim attempting to find who was at fault. You can do that, but you will pay the price of not moving forward, of stopping your growth. Remember it is not about the truth. Wherever you cannot see how you are responsible you have no power, no solutions, and you feel discouraged. Have you ever heard someone say I don’t want to be more responsible? That is because they are looking at the topic from the victim viewpoint. It changes this exciting empowering idea called responsible into a burden, a duty, an obligation, and it seems very heavy.

Responsibility is the viewpoint that you have choices. Don’t give up responsibility since it is the viewpoint where your choices create your experience. Freedom is the ability to decide and liberty is the result of wise decisions. This is the lever that is long enough to move your world to an incredible place of excellence.



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9 thoughts on “Week 17 HJ MKMMA – Choices

  1. Renee Shatanoff

    Excellent and informative post! Great R2A2! A MUST read for anyone who points fingers; who says ‘it’s not my job’ or ‘let the other guy take care of it.’ Personal responsibility and listening (not just hearing) are choices many adults would rather have someone else make. Opening our minds is a vulnerable act. Your last paragraph sums everything up beautifully. No excel spreadsheet could have done better:-)))))

  2. Fanny

    Luther – you really struck a cord…such powerful words to a call for action to be responsible for you life moving forward. Beautiful!

  3. Nancy Mills

    Your post captured me from the eagle video at the outset ~ the PUSH necessary for birth ~ of flight for the eaglets, of Passion with Visualization leading to Action for fruitfulness in our lives on every level! Thanks once again, Luther :-)


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