Week 3 MKMMA – “I ku mau mau!”


The marvel and vitality that goes along with learning is so incredible. Especially in a classroom setting that is International. The Master Key Mastemind alliance is the group “going” through the class.  As much as the subject matter and content and exercises have given me so much to grow with, the Mastermind alliances groups comments question and answer web sites have given the experience a will and energy to soar with.


I feel as if we all are on an Ocean going canoe and we are all in, paddling with our Hoe (Hawaiian for paddle) deep and strong, in unison to the beat of the Chant I Ku Mau Mau  on the adventure of a lifetime.  

David Malo

This chant is from David Malo (1793-1853) a leading Native Hawaiian historian of the Kingdom of Hawaii. This chant was sung when the great logs for canoes and/or heiau  idols were hauled. The spirit of the chant calls for the joining together of people for a single purpose.


Here it is in Hawaiian and then the English translation;


I Ku Mau Mau 

Alaka’i: I ku mau mau

Pane: I ku wa


I ku mau mau

I ku huluhulu

I ka lanawao

Pane: I ku wa

Alaka’i: I ku lanawao


I ku wa

I ku wa huki

I ku wa ko

I ku wa a mau

A mau ka eulu

E huki e


Stand Up Together

Leader: Stand up together

Response: Stand and shout


Stand together

Haul with all your might

Under the mighty trees

Response: Stand at intervals

Leader: Stand up among the tall forest trees


Stand at intervals

Stand at intervals and pull

Stand at intervals and haul

Stand in place and haul

Haul branches and all

Haul now

Stand up!

Thankful to be here and with this group of courageous souls.

I ku mau mau  Keep Paddling!!!


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10 thoughts on “Week 3 MKMMA – “I ku mau mau!”

    1. luthermk Post author

      It is incredible Sue I have feelings of unbelievable joy when I think of your extraordinary life as the woman that let’s her light shine and uses her skills to transform lives

  1. Genie L Witt

    I enjoyed reading. Very creative with the added song. Would love to hear the recording of it. Loved the message you shared, “Joining together of people for a single purpose.” That is MKMMA!

  2. Anna Ray MKMMA

    “YOU are fortunate if you love trees, and especially the wild ones growing where the Great Creative Force placed them, and independent of man’s care.” Prentice Mulford, Tthoughts Are Things’

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