Week 7 MKMMA – A Diet ????

mickey mouse and

“The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique.”

― Walt Disney


The thought and ingenuity which developed this training is first class. I am overwhelmed both with the depth of the material and the sequence at which it is unfolded.



It is not for the faint at heart though, for even with a well prepared plan and thoughtful presentation it only leads you to the land of enrichment.


Most assuredly work is required, hard mental labor. Mental labor works best in an environment of a relaxed and calm mind.

A mind that takes hold of self with loveliness, forgiveness, interest that molds and shapes our thoughts towards courage and power.

“Never will I allow my mind to be attracted to evil and despair; rather I will uplift it with knowledge and wisdom of the ages” Og Mandino

As long as fear and discouragement are what we think about then no amount of desiring money, power, health and abundance, will bring it about.  It will only bring about aversion and disappointment. For those desires are the trappings and can come only when the cause (what we think about) is found. Furthermore thinking about two things at the same time cannot be done, though try as we might one thought will be dominate.

Rather than abstaining from evil turn from it and think about what is good, noble pure of heart, make the choice.

As Mark J loves to say “the thoughts that fire together, wire together” What we think about will grow and those things we let pass on by will decline.


Waly Disney



“Think, Believe, Dream, and Dare.”

― Walt Disney




Our first step towards our desire would then be to magnify it. Our demand on our mind is to see the end, picture in your mind what you want. For instance in my Water treatment career I would build Dialysis Water treatment areas. These were small in scope so most of the time an Engineering firm was not used for the project, we would discuss with the Doctor his requirements; quality and amount of water any special considerations. This is all done prior to the material being ordered or purchased. We were finding out what was to be acquired.

The second step is to visualize your desires. Imagine what it is to be. Keep your thoughts mold able and consequently the plan will start to emerge. Write this plan down and the required material will present itself. Now back in the dialysis project, many times I would walk the area of the project and prepare a plan for the installation, so that before any equipment was ordered or an electrical line or water pipe was laid I would have a completed system in operation in my mind’s eye. Then a drawing would be completed material ordered, however that alone did not bring about the desire. One more ingredient was called for.

The expectation of the plan requires action; with these actions methods will be learned methods will bring about the people and friends to help accomplish the desire

Back at the dialysis project, a schedule of work was established and the scope for each task defined. Then a call to the tradesmen and Technicians would bring those whom would gladly join into the project and bring it to completion.

My illustration only touches upon the Mental Labor required for a simple water system and the concentration for the desires of your life will be much wider and deeper. I hope the analogy is not lost as it is simple; one step after another.

Which is perfect segueing to the last point today;

Our team of educators have not left one stone unturned in keeping our desires in the forefront, we are saturated with different combinations of permutations; visual, audio, mathematical, and sensory reminders that keep our desires always in the front and center.

Where our desires are wholeheartedly expressed and positively calculated, with a definite call for fulfillment. It is the practice practice, practice of these correct things that aid our improvement.

Let me close with this wonderful and insightful story which illustrates the patience and will required.

space mountain 2I HATE waiting in line so much … EXCEPT at one place and that is Disneyland. The attention to the theme of the ride always catches my attention and interest. Disneyland has perfected the science of waiting in line. Though long and time consuming the wait is always filled with another song to listen, to a character to interact with, a sign to read or a scene to chuckle at. So even as my feet take one step at a time through lines that sometime appear as a maze I am always drawn to the theme and the discovery of the RIDE.

space mountain 1One of my fondest memories is of Space Mountain. A roller coaster housed inside a building. The real excitement is that the whole ride is in the dark. The theme is a ride to the cosmos!!  It was my son Dakota’s first time and he was of the age Disneyland designed for. His imagination was firmly in the forefront. As we space mountain 7walked in line all of the scenes depicted our entrance into a space station. As I commented to Dakota about this I could sense that he was fully involved in the concept. Our steps took on a whole new approach as we anticipated each new discovery as we were “processed” to begin our flight and journey to the Galaxy.

space mountain 4At one point his trepidation was realized by one of the attendants. In her “space attendant” costume she knelt down to Dakota and said “you know you don’t have to go, we have a door that will take you back to the entrance”


space mountain 3He looked bewildered at her and then at me. I took that as “what is she talking about?” confidently I informed the attendant that no, he really did need to take the flight. The remaining rest of the wait we were engrossed in each new detail and item as our feet went one step at a time towards the ride.

As we practice the correct things and keep our attention on the details of our desire. We can have the patience to let this unfold and become what we have conceived.

End note: As Father knows best, the Space Mountain ride was what Dakota liked best for the rest of the day at Disneyland. And even to this day

Walt and Mickey

“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.”

― Walt Disney

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10 thoughts on “Week 7 MKMMA – A Diet ????

  1. Genie L Witt

    You are correct, this class is not for the fainthearted. It is downright hard work. But the effort is worth it. It is settled when our purposed focused thoughts are firing together, they are wiring together, then the law of Abundance sprouts, and we are unstoppable. I remember too well the story of Dakota and Space Mountain-He thought in his little mind he WAS taking a trip to out space and it was a bit frightening.

    1. Delaine Keith

      I love that you used Walt Disney! He certainly was the perfect example of someone believing in what he formed in his mind and allowing it to come to fruition! He first did it in his mind, as we all have to do!

      1. luthermk Post author

        Hey Delaine thanks for posting and I agree Walt Disney is considered as one of my favorite visionaries. Great to model from. I am especially taken to the photo at the end with Micky on the chalkboard. His eyes tell the story of his passion.

  2. Ed Bouffard

    Great Post Luther! Nothing worthwhile in life comes to us easily. To grow, one must push past self imposed boundaries.

    You and I share something similar in our nature … I absolutely HATE “hurry up and wait”; this personality quirk was formed in boot camp where … you RAN to the chow hall, then waited in line … you RAN to medical, then waited in line … you RAN to Personnel, then waited in line … AARRGGHH!

    Oh well. Wattayagonnado, eh?

    1. luthermk Post author

      Hey Ed thanks for commenting. The best is to stay out of lines and if you do end up in one….enjoy the show !!!

  3. Erika Lukacs

    I love the way you used Walt Disney in your post,absolutely brilliant!Sky is the limit,Disneyland is on my Vision Board,I will definitely try that ride with my children!

  4. Nancy Mills

    Though I’ve never been to Disneyland, watching Walt Disney every Wednesday night on tv through childhood was a highlight, along with Mickey Mouse Club!! Interesting, too, the explanation relating to the set up of dialysis machinery, the water, the pipes, etc. ~ how privileged to be part of setting such up that enables people’s lives to continue! Thank you, Luther.


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